soza weightloss :60 airing in Philadelphia

I’m currently Directing/Producing/Editing an infomercial for the soza weightloss program. The project also includes :120 & :60 lifts. This is just one of the many :60’s. There are two creative versions that only slightly differ by offer in the call to action in the endtag. Two version are employed to discover which offer generates the greatest amount of qualified leads. Furthermore, every spot has a unique 800# to track leads by station/creative. This is a classic DRTV campaign. It’s all about ROI and finding out what motivates the viewer to take action and call. The testimonials are real, we went to their homes and shot 8 different people and selected the best from that process. The Dr is real too, shot him in a TV studio in NJ. For the 28:30 we brought in a former, long-time Philadelphia TV news anchor, Dawn Stensland to interview the Doctor and a soza’s nutritionist.

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ITS Paula Tropiano welcome video

Short video content is the way to promote your business, service or product. Continued fresh content is the way to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Hi Mike –
I am so pleased with the video. It is beyond what I imagined it could be! You did an outstanding job! I would be glad to recommend you. In fact, I passed your name to a colleague today. The video quality speaks for itself.
Thanks, again. I will look forward to our next project.
Paula G. Tropiano, MA, LPC, CCDP-Diplomate
Integrated Treatment Solutions
(610) 692-4995

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SBG Kids for American Heart Association

SBG Red Heart Day 8x11 022613 IMG_3467My shot from 50 feet up in the Kimberton Fire Co’s Ladder Engine.


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Saint Basil the Great Catholic Schools Week 2013

I interviewed a few parents about why sending their children to Saint Basil the Great School was the best decision for them.

SBG Catholic Schools Week 2013

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A few spots…

Spots I Produced from the Agency side.

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Product Demonstration Videos

Some of my recent product demonstration videos.

These videos are used in a focus group test phase to determine public interest in the various products. Gaining this forehand knowledge allows my Client to determine product viability in the marketplace without the investment of “full” broadcast production and media buy costs.   The videos typically run about 2 minutes in length, I’ve cut them down for brevity.

Typical project process:
1. I am given a script and sample product
2. I Direct the v/o session and edit the v/o track
3. I concept action/scenarios to demonstrate problems and the products solution per the script
4. Shoot
5. Edit
6. Encode for the web and deliver

Timeframe from script approval to delivery is about one week.

It is a necessity for these videos to be produced very
quickly as is the nature of the business in seeking the next “as seen
on tv” breakthrough.  My typical timeframe, from script and sample
product receipt to encoding/delivery to my Client is about 1 week.
And, I act as a one-man-band in creating these…Directing, Shooting,
Editing, often Acting (I’m not expecting any Oscar nominations anytime
soon!), ecoding and delivery.  The fun part is I never know what the
product is until I receive it!  That’s the best part, using my
creativity to quickly come up with a shot list.

I have many others I’ve recently completed for this Client, however,
they are still in the “active” phase of testing and due to my NDA with
the Client, unfortunately I cannot share those at this time.

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Power Home Remodeling Group Infomercial

New infomercial I wrote, Produced and Directed for PHRG.  The infomercial also contains  :120 and :60 commercial lifts.  All airing in Philadelphia and D.C.

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